Overwhelmed with things to do?  

Learn to be able to hit the easy button and achieve everything important in a SUPER easy way PLUS even get rid of the stress and overwhelm with our Productivity Bootcamp Program, read more...

Too much on your To-Do List?

Trying to maximize your day, but interruptions get in the way?  (Especially other peoples priorities?    

Ever find yourself moving through your to-do list, against the clock and your have yet another project placed on your to-do list, spinning you into stress and overwhelm?

Thinking you have finally found the right way of managing all your work and then you have more priorities to fit in and you really don't have time for all of this!

Thinking there must be a way around all of this hassle?  Nodding and thinking, "Yes, that's exactly my problem!"?

Our Online Productivity Bootcamp Program

On our Productivity Bootcamp Program, we'll uncover how to regain CONTROL of your day for you to EASILY plan how to be super efficient with your time. 

You can use these techniques to leverage the BEST use of your time, STOP procrastinating, and even work on the valuable!

Heck, I even show you how to build a personalized solution to how YOU want to use your time!

Don't miss this breakthrough online program that will finally show you how to truly maximize your day to be able to do only whats valuable.

Here’s What You’ll Get When You Sign Up for just $117

You get access to all of this below STRAIGHT AWAY!  It will take you around 4 complete hours to complete the course.  By the end of the course you can expect to:  

Do MORE of what is valuable!

PLUS how you can get rid of those tasks that DON'T increase the quality of your work or time.

Make a SUPER plan to make REAL CHANGE!

Take a look at how you are currently being productive to clearly know how you can start to make REAL CHANGE.

Here’s what people are saying about the course

Gorrett Serra


Excellent tips & Tools!

Very engaging, excellent tips and tools provided and great understanding on that they mean and how they work and why they are important!

Emma Kelly

Speech Therapist

Definitely Enrol!

Definitely enro!  If you don't walk away with a better understanding of yourself or others, then you are not paying attention

What is in the Course for $117?


Bonding with Productivity Skills & Attitudes

In these 2 lessons, we walk through really getting to know all the jargon, mindset and attitudes and why its important to know the differences.  Just with this module, you will be able to super charge your efficiency by no getting loaded down with just doing 'stuff'!


Working with your values and energy

How to work with YOUR energy levels to maximize your time for the important which helps you STOP kicking yourself for slow moving results in your day.  We help you to align with how YOU work best to have full capacity to have the epic focus you need for those important tasks that are aligned to what is the most IMPORTANT and VALUABLE!


Prioritizing & Scheduling

How to prioritize just like a golf playing president that only worked 6-3pm. which lets you STOP fighting fires and the feeling of overwhelm.  

In these two lessons, we give you tools, tricks and tips to add more value to your day and how you can get rid of those tasks that DON'T increase the quality of your day and your work.


Beat Procrastination Once and for All!

In these lessons, you will learn how to apply systems that will allow you to do ANYTHING that crosses your path which enables you to be both reactive AND proactive.

The mysteries of procrastination debunked, which let's you delete this word from your vocabulary and STOP procrastination once and for all.


You also get this other great thing.  Not only are you LEARNING, but we give you the maximum support to REFLECT, which we know is the KEY to boosting the knowledge you need to be successful in ANYTHING!


Taking ACTION is what makes the knowledge STICK, you get to take an ACTIVE approach with our digital, downloadable workbook helping you get the personal approach to your situation and MAXIMIZING your plan for your future productivity.


About The Course Teacher,

Ella Bates

Ella Bates is your Facilitator/Master Trainer specializing in high-impact Soft Skills Training designed to create a GREAT work day and the BEST results.  Ella is a fire-walker, mom of 2, growth obsessive, energetic facilitator spanning nearly 2 decades.  Delivering sessions from Aircraft Hangers and Cruise Ships (it's a great story!) and in High Schools and Colleges.  You are promised an energetic and dynamic experience.

Here’s what people are saying about Ella Bates

Teresa Shaver

Business Advisory Center Director

Fantastic, Engaging, Knowledgeable

Ella is a fantastic presenter, engaging, fun, knowledgeable, sensitive, professional and really has a gift in facilitating and getting the best out of her audience. You won't be disappointed in engaging Ella!

Marc Cote

Financial Services

Master, Engaging, Best Speaker

To quote one of our organizers "[Ella] just raised the bar"! She is a master at engaging audiences and the best speaker we've ever had virtually!

Meghan Sarginson

Health Industry

Passionate, Funny

Ella is a very passionate facilitator, she has this special way of connecting with her audience that I love and admire. I love how she can joke and talk with us but still get her point across

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the content look like?

You will find a combination of video and our action orientated.

Can we purchase this course for our Organization too?

Yes, our digital team can create a scorn file for you to upload directly to your organizations LMS system. Contact us for more details. PLUS, we have this course as workshop, reach out and learn more at www.ellabates.com

What happens if we need support?

We are ready to help 8-8pm EST, contact us ella@ellabates.com

A little note from me!

We have specialized in productivity for over a decade now and are super excited and proud that you have you decided to check this out, I do hope you will sign up and overcome any overwhelm, stress and procrastination you are facing to get the maximum JOY and BEST results from your work day, you deserve this!

Great Work Day

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