Not happy at work anymore?

Feeling like you are on a hamster wheel of life in your career? Overwhelmed and stressed too often?  Challenged with annoying colleagues?  Not getting the feedback and recognition you deserve? Want to look forward to going to work again?

Ready for more JOY in your day?

We have just the solution you need to take you from feeling LOST in your day to loving your job again and looking forward to Monday morning!  From our online programs and communities to our coaching and podcast programs, check out below how we may help you get your joy back!

Boost knowledge with our Online Courses

Invest in the knowledge and skills you need to design your Great Work Day.  With our proven impact online experiences from Making a Plan to Productivity!  SEARCH COURSES

Let us be your Coach

1:1 personalized coaching designed to create a dynamic action plan to gain the most joy and results from work.  Working on building the key skills, high-impact knowledge and accountability to progress your career to be what YOU deserve and desire.  LEARN MORE

Have us speak at your next Event

Dynamic, interactive and engaging experiences, designed to promote thought, deepen learning and provide a high-impact experience from Managing Change to Emotional Intelligence.  Looking for a signature talk or workshop?  Know the skills your teams need to be successful?  Let us partner with you to create the perfectly designed training for your teams.  LEARN MORE

What Our Clients Are Saying:

Ella has a brilliant and seamless way of delivering powerful insights that gives us the tools to help navigate our busy life! If you have the opportunity to listen to her, please do yourself a favor and do so!  

Mary - Merit Ontario

Definitely attend, if you don't walk away with a better understanding of yourself or others, then you are not paying attention

Connie - Armada Tools

Leading companies trust in our Skills:

Don't Hesitate, Get MORE joy at work Today!

Are you ready to create a Great Work Day?  We are ready to help!

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