Is going to work every day sucking out your soul?

Want to learn how to create more joy at work so that you don’t quit?    


Understanding what we truly enjoy doing - and WHY - is central to finding joy at work.  

How would it feel to dive and discover what actually brings you joy - and WHY - and be able to identify and then unleash your unique super strengths to create JOY at work?

Wondering why you aren’t enjoying work (anymore) and IF experiencing joy at work is even possible?

Wishing your job got you excited and made you want to jump out of bed every morning to go to work?

Then you are in the right place! 

If you are ready to start intentionally creating more joy in your work day, then we have the blueprint that will get you there!

Our Unleashing your Super Power Program

On our Unleashing Your Superpower Program, we’ll DIVE DEEP into what really matters when it comes to joy, identify specifically what makes you SMILE and brings you HAPPINESS, and help you to DISCOVER and HARNESS your super strengths to create even more JOY at work…and at home!

Heck, we’ll even help you CREATE a plan on how to incorporate your superpowers into your work day…and give you a cool superhero name!

Don’t miss this breakthrough program that will finally show you how you can intentionally create more JOY at work using your unique super strengths in a way that makes work more FULFILLING and ENJOYABLE.

Are you ready for this?

You get access to all of this below STRAIGHT AWAY!  It will take you around 2 hours to complete the course.  By the end of the course you can expect to:

KNOW what brings you Joy…and Why

Understanding WHY certain things bring you joy is pivotal to knowing HOW to cultivate joy at work and across all areas of your life.  Know this, and you are halfway there!

Have a PLAN on how to harness your Super Strengths at Work

Identifying what your super strengths are and how you can use them at work is KEY - now action your plan to start intentionally using your super strengths to create more JOY at work…and at home.

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Workshop Attendee

All about a new journey!

Thank you for helping me to lift a huge weight and begin a new journey.


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I appreciate what you brought to your workshop…thank you, thank you.

What is in the Course?


Get up close and personal with what is truly important to you 

In these lessons, we start off exploring what you admire in others - especially your superheroes - as this is a key part to IDENTIFYING what is important to you.  With that information in hand, we go even deeper to shine a light on your CORE VALUES - the biggest influencer of what brings you joy.  Identify these and you are half-way there!


Identify what brings you joy

In this lesson, we look to discover what brings a SMILE to your face and fills you with HAPPINESS.  We have so many experiences in our lives - reflecting on those experiences that brought us the most JOY will be the next step in our journey to DISCOVERING your Super Strengths.


Achieve alignment with your values and joy

When we marry our core values with the experiences that bring us joy, we unveil the bigger picture of why these experiences put a SMILE on our face.  In this lesson, we will uncover what your Super Strengths are and why incorporating them at work will make getting out of bed every morning much more EXCITING...and less likely that you will want to quit.


Create a plan

In these lessons we will CREATE a plan on how you can start incorporating your super strengths into your work day to increase your joy at work.  In addition, we will explore the BENEFIT of identifying your team members’ super strengths and how to use this knowledge to create a HAPPY and PRODUCTIVE team - at work, home, or socially.


You also get this other great thing.  Not only are you LEARNING, but we give you the maximum support to REFLECT, which we know is the KEY to boosting the knowledge you need to be successful in ANYTHING!

Taking ACTION is what makes the knowledge STICK, you get to take an ACTIVE approach with our digital, downloadable workbook helping you get the personal approach to your situation and MAXIMIZING your plan for the future you deserve and desire!

About our Guest Facilitator,

Margaret Dennis

Teaching people how to live their BEST lives is Margaret’s passion.  Life is too short to not BE who you are and DO what you love – she knows this first-hand.  In 2008, Margaret lost her 3-day old son, twin to her daughter, Lily.  After a complete emotional breakdown, she knew that there had to be another way to deal with the hard stuff.  In 2020 she founded EVOLV coaching to help women around the world honor their lives, emotions, and businesses while gracefully handling everything life throws at them.  As a Women’s Life Empowerment Coach & Grief Educator, Margaret helps her clients create their BEST lives full of Balance, Passion, and Purpose, doing it THEIR way, on THEIR terms.  Margaret supports companies through executive 1:1 coaching, team coaching, motivational speaking, customized workshops, and creating grief plans to help their employees who are suffering.  TEDx Speaker, writer, personal growth junky and lover of funky shoes, Margaret loves road tripping with Lily, and their mini Bernedoodle, Daphne.

Here’s what people are saying about Margaret Dennis

Vanina Pitsch CHRP, PPCC

Leadership & Talent Development

Fantastic, Engaging, Knowledgeable

What an engaging presentation!  Margaret’s creative and diversified workshop was really well done and had me pondering some amazing thought provoking questions.

Laurie Booker  


Exploring, Uncovering, Grateful

Margaret did a great job setting the outline and expectations for what we would be covering and creating a safe space for us to explore our deepest emotions and experiences.  Margaret helped uncover the roots of my grief which allowed me to work towards healing & I will be forever grateful. I would highly recommend her.




Thank you, Margaret, for such an empowering workshop.

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