Ready to Celebrate your Achievements?

What is the book about?

A Brag Book like no other! This is NOT a capture of your photographs of you holding up your graduation certificate or you blowing out of your birthday candles AND this is NOT like other boring email achievement folders you may have on your computer desktop. So what is it?

Why is it SUPER impactful?

⭐Re-writing your resume or have a job interview? This book holds all your huge job accomplishments.

⭐Feeling blue as it’s the end of the year/summer/your job/relationship? This book holds a reminder of all that there is to look forward to.

⭐Not sure if what you do matters? This book will show you the value you bring.

⭐Performance review looming? This book holds all your successes!

⭐Don’t want to forget the feeling you have from the amazing milestones you have achieved? This book is for capturing that incredible memories.

⭐Unsure how to ask for a pay-rise? This book showcases your achievements and overcoming obstacles.

⭐Feeling like you’ve failed in your job/relationship/health/finances? This book is designed to boost your confidence that you make mistakes and have come through them with huge success.

⭐Did someone tell you how important you are in their life? This book is for you to remember that feeling.

And so much more…….

It’s time to celebrate YOU!

It gives you the opportunity to celebrate yourself and writing down affirmations is a powerful thing! 

Katie F

Write down your accomplishments, whether it’s finally doing all the laundry, tackled that huge document pile, reorganized your home, helped a friend out, or was just able to get some me time. Lots of pages and there’s even coloring/doodle pages along side!

Sam Mc

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